The Bloggers

Have you ever thought of blogging? Do you have a passion for Lancaster County food, outdoors, or another unique aspect of Lancaster? Why not become a guest blogger? We are interested in hearing from people that live in, work in, or just love to visit Lancaster County, PA. If you qualify and feel you have some great stories to share, email Kristen May at

Meet our bloggers:


Adrian fancies himself as North Carolina’s Ambassador to South Central Pennsylvania and an honorary citizen of Lancaster County. He has been visiting Lancaster County since 1976 at the tender age of three. He estimates he’s visited the area somewhere between 50 and 60 times. He luckily married someone who shares his love for the PA Dutch Country. Adrian is friends with several Amish families in Lancaster County. Among his favorite things to do while visiting are enjoying Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine, driving the back-roads of the county and taking in the views, and taking advantage of no sales tax on clothing. Adrian’s dream is to move to Lancaster County ASAP or at least retire there.


Kathleen is the President of the PA Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau. She is passionate about Lancaster County and all it has to offer. The loves of her life are her husband, her children, and her 2 dogs.


When Kristen moved to Lancaster to attend college over 8 years ago, she knew that Lancaster would be her new permanent home.  Today she lives in Lancaster city with her husband, daughter, and long-haired Chihuahua. From skydiving and zip lining to hot air balloon and motorcycle riding, Kristen enjoys all the thrills that life offers. Kristen loves Lancaster and feels lucky to be able to promote Lancaster as the Marketing Coordinator.


Sarah grew up in Philly and moved to Lancaster permanently after meeting her husband. Sarah loves being outside, and is enjoying viewing Lancaster from a new-comers perspective. She finds joy in little wonders, taking her son for a stroll downtown, and is always up for eating some grub. Sarah’s learning that despite what people say, Lancaster County DOES have things to do at night, you just have to know where to look!  She is often teased for being the youngest member on staff, as the Director of Marketing. If you’re familiar with Lancaster County at all, and have been to Central Market, you may run into her father-in-law, as he’s the owner of Long’s Horseradish!

Shawn Marie

Shawn Marie is a lifelong resident of Pennsylvania Dutch Country and comes from a family which still speaks Pennsylvania German at reunions. She loves traveling in and around Lancaster County discovering wonderful places for families to visit. In addition to writing for the PA Dutch Country Blog, Shawn Marie also shares everything you need to know about visiting Hersheypark and Dutch Wonderland on her website


Dave is a long time Lancaster City resident and Lancaster history enthusiast who loves farm-to-table cooking, urban gardening, and home-brewing.  He has proudly converted his .4 acre Franklin street “homestead” into over 1000 square feet of fruit, vegetable, and flower gardens and is widely-known for his homemade, city-grown San Marzano sundried tomatoes, scratch-made mushroom ravioli, and other artisanal delicacies.  By day he is a manger at Quality Bicycle Products ( where he is the ACE (Advocacy, Community, & Environment) sponsor.  By night he is a singer and multi-instrumentalist for local music scene favorites The Pig Merchants and Canyon. Dave is a proud husband of 9 years to Kristen and daddy of 3 years to Phia.