Making Christmas dinner for your family and need some last minute ingredients, or some great Lancaster County gifts? Buy local, head to Central Market! They’ve got everything from Pennsylvania Dutch sausage, chowchow, bread, produce, meat and cheese, to flowers, decorations, herbs, and much more. Market is open on Christmas Eve, so be sure to stop in for whatever you need!

Go for the experience! There are generally carolers at Market around Christmas time, and you can hear the sounds of the season as you browse the stands. A few of my favorite stands are Long’s Horseradish (of course, it’s my father-in-law’s stand!), Barr’s Farm Produce, S. Clyde Weaver, The Turkey Lady, The Herb Shop, Maplehofe Dairy, and Lancaster Juice Company.

Central Market
23 North Market Street
Lancaster, PA 17603

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