Lunch at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center

December 17, 2008 | Category: Food | Posted by: Sarah

Yesterday, I had the chance to eat lunch at the Lancaster Host Resort. We ate at Vistas Restaurant, just straight down the corridor when you go in the main entrance. There were 10 of us, and they easily accomodated us. I believe they serve both breakfast and lunch, but not dinner because they were closing the restaurant as we were leaving around 2.

I ordered the chunky chicken salad on top of a greens salad, which was huge! I didn’t eat breakfast in hopes that I would be able to eat all of my lunch, but that didn’t happen. The salad was delicious. They serve the sweeter kind of chicken salad, which is not my preference, but for those of you who do love it sweet, it’s the way to go – being as I ate almost all of it even without it being my style of taste! Deb from our office got a grilled cheese that looked de-vine, thick cut bread with cheese oozing out the edges… delish. (Can you tell that I really do love food?) The sandwiches were served with thick cut french fries, lightly salted to perfection.

Given the opportunity, I would go again, and if I ever have to set up a lunch meeting, I’d be more than happy to try their grilled chicken ceasar salad! If you’ve ever eaten there, let me know what your favorite dish is for lunch, and I’ll be more than happy to try it out next time!

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