My Lancaster County Bus Trip, Part II

March 23, 2009 | Category: Food, holiday, Things to Do | Posted by: Sarah

Well, I’m continuing my journey with you on my Motorcoach trip through Lancaster with my friend Abby and lots of other people. Tuesday morning, we met up after a night’s rest at the breakfast buffet of the Country Inn of Lancaster. They had a large spread set out - more than I think I’ve had elsewhere when I’ve stayed overnight at hotels. I had some tea, fruit, eggs, bacon, and toast. After sitting and chatting about how everyone slept, we headed back onto the motorcoach to go downtown.

I never would have known that I could be a group leader… but I’ve planned church trips, weekend getaways, and family get-togethers. That means that I am a group tour planner! Did you know that planning a group trip for as few as 10 people often qualifies the lead contact (i.e. you) for discounted or COMPLIMENTARY lodging, meals, and/or attractions from the Lancaster County venues you visit? You can learn more about this by visiting this site. Wouldn’t it be sweet to be able to get something back for all the trouble you go to planning the schedule for your highschool reunion? You’ll be getting things for free in return!


We stopped at the Lancaster Quilt & Textile Musuem, which unfortunately was inbetween exhibits of quilts, but we did get to see the Christmas exhibit that the National Christmas Center put together. We got to see a vision of what Christmas in downtown Lancaster was like in past eras. The “rooms” set up had the lights, games, toys, and decor of each decade, 1850 – 1970. The “bubble lights” of the 1940s were a big hit!

Our next stop was just a short walk down the block to Central Market. Market is at Penn Square, a central location to all of Lancaster City and it is a buzzing place! When you shop at Central Market, you become a part of history – because it’s the oldest farmers’ market building. It’s open year-round on Tuesdays and Fridays from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Market is closed on holidays though. We chatted with Michael Ervin, the Marketmaster. How would you like a title like that? It reminds me of the Medieval times!

From there we headed to Landis Valley Museum, a living history village and farm, that collects, preserves and interprets the history and material culture of the Pennsylvania German rural community from 1740 to 1940. Being there helped me to understand the practices and interactions of people back in the day! It’s really neat to go to through the old style houses and hear about our heritage. My favorite parts of Landis Valley Museum were that we were there on Faustnaut day, and we got to see them making them over a fire – the way they were first made. Those were so delicious – they made 4 flavors, sugar, plain, powder and cinnamon. I had a powdered sugar one, those are my favorite.


We also got to ride on a hay ride - the horses pulled us all through the village. I’m sure this would have been a little bit nicer had the wind not been so bitter cold… but we still had fun. Abby and I sat in the front seat with the driver, so we got to see everything without having to turn our heads to the side! From there we went to eat at Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant and Smorgasbord - I’ll tell you about that and our Chef’s Cooking Demo next time…

Until then…

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  1. Adrian Whicker
    on March 30th, 2009

    Sounds like a blast! The Landis Valley Museum is one of the best, most educational living history/culture/farm museums I’ve ever been to. It’s truly a jewel amongst Lancaster County’s many jewels. If you have kids or if you have a love of social and cultural history you really need to check it out.

  2. Abby
    on May 26th, 2009

    I wish there was more about Central Market on this new blog.

    My husband and I live downtown. One of the major reasons we love city life so much is the market. Not only can you find some of the most delicous and fresh farm-raised foods, but you feel the sense of community. Knowing the people who sell you your food is a great feeling!

  3. Sarah
    on May 26th, 2009

    Abby –

    I’ll have to add a blog post just about Central Market! My father-in-law actually owns the Long’s Horseradish stand at Central Market – so I have a passion for that as well! It is definitely a great sense of community! Thank you for your comment, and look out for a post on Market!

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