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The Original Odd Couple!
 This past Friday night, I went to the Rainbow Dinner Theatre for the first time with my mother-in-law. The show that is currently playing is Felix & Oscar: The New Odd Couple, based on the 1965 play written by Neil Simon which later turned into a TV show. If you haven’t heard of it before (as I hadn’t) The New Odd Couple is a comedy about two very unlikely middle-aged roommates: a neat freak and a confirmed slob.

I didn’t really know what to expect, as I’ve never been to a dinner theatre before. When we got there, they seated us at our table with two couples – one from Lancaster County, and the other from Maryland. At our seats, there were salads, bread and water waiting for us. (The bread was delicious, although I’m partial to bread, I could probably survive off of it). Our waitress took our drink orders, we just had iced tea, but they’ve got soda, wine, and other options. We got a little bit of everything from the buffet – I had some beef tips, some pork loin & chicken, as well as some green beans,  a baked potato with bacon, brussel sprouts, and seafood pasta, which as great, and one gentleman at my table’s favorite.

We got there around 7, and the show starts at 8, so we had a good amount of time before it started to talk to the people at our table and get to know them. Oh- and the dessert. I had cherry pie and some strawberry ice cream. (My mother-in-law splurged on her diet and had a piece of carrot cake and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream as well!)

The show was really good! I am not someone who usually laughs out loud, even if I find things funny, I just smile, but there were quite a few times that my smile broke into some laughter, especially when the “Spanish” sisters showed up and worked on their “eenglish.”

Overall, if you’re looking for a good, clean show to see, and want to enjoy so delicious  food, I would say the Rainbow Dinner Theatre is the place to be! I really want to go back for the show coming up in November Peace, Love, & my Mother-in-Law. When you’re in the Lancaster, or if you live here, don’t miss out on the chance to see a great show and get great service! Congrats to them on their 25th Anniversary! :o)

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