Winter in Amish Country

February 5, 2009 | Category: General info | Posted by: Brian

Amish Tree

It’s been snowing here in Lancaster County over the past few weeks. I took most of these photos from years past, but they always remind me of how still, quiet and peaceful any place can become when covered in blanket of fresh snow.

In Amish Country, this thought rings especially true. The rolling fields and countryside become a sea of pure white as far as the eyes can see. There’s a silo here and a windmill there dotting the landscape, but mostly it’s pure, white, untouched snow.

It’s really quite something to experience firsthand.

Winter Fence


Cold Creek

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  1. David Tennant
    on July 3rd, 2012

    Great pictures. My wife and I moved to central PA from Phoenix, AZ in 2007 and that winter had some pretty good snowstorms.

    Of course, we were thrilled to see the snow, the fact that we couldn’t go anywhere didn’t matter.

    Amish country in Pennsylvania has its own special quality, which brings a peace like no other.

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