Mini Golf – it’s a classic at Village Greens.

September 21, 2010 | Category: Outdoors, Things to Do | Posted by: Sarah

Village Greens Miniature Golf CourseI love mini-golf. As kids, it was one of our favorite outings as a family – when my dad would get us together after dinner and say “We’re going mini-golfing tonight” we would get so excited! As a teen-ager, it was a “family friendly” activity that we were allowed to do with our friends, and it was tons of fun. While dating, it was a favorite date option. Now that I’m married, it’s a cheap date option while we save money. When I have kids, I’m sure it will continue to be a family favorite outing!

About a week ago, I went with a bunch of co-workers to a golf course I had never been to – Village Greens. They’ve got two courses there: the Orange Course, which is 18 holes, and the Gold Course (which is what we played) that has 23 holes. The Gold Course is truly a challenge! There’s one hole that you have to shoot straight up a narrow ramp to get it up to the hole in one shot, or you can go the long way around. Another hole has no rim on the side that you’re shooting toward, and if you hit too hard it goes right into the water! (Another favorite as a kid was fishing out my ball!)

Village Greens is open through October, and it’s getting to be the best time of Village Greens Miniature Golf Courseyear for mini-golf – not too hot, and not too cold! Village Greens has a punch ticket, so make sure to ask for one – when you play 10 games, you get one free! Also look out for special events like Glo Golf with different themes, National Ice Cream Day,  and coming up October 31, Trick or Treat Nite (4-9pm – 18 & under golf FREE). Get on out to Village Greens for some mini-golf – you’re never too young or old for it!

For more photos of this beautiful course, click here.

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  1. Brian
    on September 21st, 2010

    Village greens is an all-time favorite of mine in the area. When my wife (then girlfriend) took me there when I moved here, I absolutely could not believe the landscaping on the gold course. With all the planted perennials, and flora and fauna everywhere it’s much much more than just your average mini-golf course.

    Also, the gold course is a cut above your regular mini golf holes. You really have to plan out your shots for this truly unique putt putt course. It’s a treat in every sense of the word. None better.

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