Titanic Exhibition at the Whitaker Center
After being officially obsessed with the history of the “unsinkable ship” after the fateful story of Rose and Jack hit the big screen in 1997 in the blockbuster, Titanic, I was more than excited to see the Whitaker Center’s latest exhibit, “Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition.”

Needless to say, it was even better than I expected. The exhibit was more than just looking at dinner plates and rusted spoons from the ship. I was able to see the actual artifacts that were brought up from the wreckage. I could not only look at them but I could also see a picture of the item on the ocean floor before it was removed AND read a blurb or hear a story about the significance of the object.

Boarding PassIf for some reason that doesn’t impress you, maybe hearing the voices of actual survivors of the ship incites you? Or seeing a recreation of the rooms? How about reading about some of the fascinating statistics surrounding the voyage—over $100,000 for a first class ticket anyone? Maybe you are more concerned with the people on board? In that case you will enjoy the boarding pass you are given at the beginning of the exhibit that gives you information on one of the passengers and only at the end of the tour do you find out your fate.

While my character, a Mrs. John Henry Chapman in second class, did not survive the voyage, I still enjoyed my trip through the exhibit. And if you are still craving more information regarding the doomed voyage after touring the exhibit, swing by the Whitaker Center’s IMAX theatre and check out the fascinating documentary, Titanica, which shows the perils of studying something that is 12,000 feet below sea level.

I highly recommend grabbing the whole family and heading to Harrisburg for the Titanic exhibit at the Whitaker Center. For more information on the Whitaker center or the Titanic exhibit, click here.

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