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March 17, 2010 | Category: Food, Late Night | Posted by: Sarah

After an amazing trip to Italy for spring break last week, I was in dire need for some delicious American food upon returning. Don’t get me wrong, Italian food is great, but nothing beats a good juicy American burger.

Luckily, some of the girls and I decided to step out of the office for lunch to indulge ourselves with some good quality food. There was no way a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would satisfy me in any way. After deciding on Lancaster Brewing Company, I knew right away my needs would be fulfilled.

I had never been to LBC, but it was definitely a great experience. As soon as I stepped inside I could smell the makings for good beer. I have tried their Milk Stout previously, and for someone who doesn’t like beer, let alone a dark beer, I really liked it. I think I would consider it my beer of choice. As a Delaware resident for the “off school season” it’s fun to see Lancaster Brewing Company beer all over. It’s like a little bit of Lancaster every where I go!

Being on lunch break, we skipped the beer for today. Water was all I needed with my big juicy American burger that I was ready to order. I chose the “Black and Bleu” burger which was absolutely delicious. Their burgers are humongous! It was a medium well Angus burger topped with Gorgonzola cheese, bacon, and lettuce along with french fries. Normally, I could never finish a burger like this for dinner, let alone lunch… but this was an entirely different story. I ate every last bit aside from a few fries! Oh boy! It’s also worth mentioning the fries. Fries can sometimes be an “art form” in the food world. Any ordinary fry is just fine, but some fries are just above and beyond! Lancaster Brewing Company has good fries! They have the little crispies on them that give that extra crunch. =]

The girls and I all enjoyed our lunches and went back to work with very full bellies. =] So all-in-all LBC has fantastic food and a unique atmosphere; the perfect components for a great experience.

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